I can tell you’re gonna keep your eyes to the ground

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I’ve been listening to Rilo Kiley a lot again. They are so good, it almost hurts. :)

Shooter comes out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my hair cut. Thank goodness. I felt like a cut was definitely needed. I still don’t know if I am going to get it colored or not soon. I did have my mind made up that I was going to, but I am kind of digging my hair color. Brown is a pretty rad hair color, I think. And if you don’t think so–Fuck Ya!

I really like life right now. I’ve met some pretty cool people these past few months. I’ve also fired a few negative not so cool people from my life as well. So I feel rather balanced in that department.

The weather is el wonderful. I want to swing but everyone thinks they are too damn old and grown up to swing. Fuck that. I will never be too old or grown up to swing. I don’t want to grow up. I like parks I also like people who like parks.

I ate some semi-wonderful chinese food today. It wasn’t too bad but it definitely wasn’t the best I’ve had. Taco bell might have been a better choice, but oh well.

As a random side note I don’t like it when people get people to do things for them. It’s so cowardly. Some guy had his friend/kind of my friend too ask me on a date for him. Even if I was semi-interested in going on a date with the person if they can’t ask me themselves then I’m pretty damn certain it’s not going to go down. We aren’t in seventh grade anymore if you can’t ask me yourself then it’s probably not a good idea. So that was a nice laugh and a big negative. Do your own “dirty” work. Am I THAT intimidating? SHIIIIT. :) I don’t try to be.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now don’t fool yourself
Into thinking you’re more than a man
Because you’ll probably end up dead


andy, you’re a star

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I’ve been doing things that are a little out of character lately.  I need to stop.  I am going to stop.

if you wanna, I might

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I already wrote a blog today…but I am going to dedicate this one to saying how awesome Hellogoodbye’s lyrics are.  It’s dissapointing that they sound so much like Ozma’s in every way but that doesn’t take away the fact the they are amazing lyrics.  They are so cute and sweet and fun.  And they make me smile:

Oh Angie
You’re such a funny girl
When will you find Mr. right?
You and me
We should make plans
For the movies on Saturday night

You could bring your boyfriend who doesn’t know
That he’s your boyfriend… shoot

Ohh Angie you and me

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Singing songs for Lindsey Pai
Tell her how she caught my eye
Let her know how it’s been so long
Since first impressions seemed so strong

I don’t know what to say or do
Every feeling feels so new
It’s doubtful that I’ve got a chance
to get this girl to come and dance

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

You take a seat right next to me
And I take my Lit notes nervously
I’ve gotta stay calm, I just want you to stay
I am always daydreaming
Hoping you’ve dreamt of the same thing
I’ve gotta stay calm, I don’t want this to change

I’ve been assuming everything
Hoping you’ll soon mean everything
I’ve gotta stay calm, I want this to be real
I don’t think you’re into me
But truely, that’s okay with me
I’ve gotta stay calm and find out how you feel

So if you wanna say “I-I-I like you”
I might feel just like you
If you choose-choose not to
I knew you-you would

Sometimes I think I am out of my league
And then sometimes I think I can dream
Sometimes I wish I could be the one fish
That you choose out of all in the sea

Come on people, you know those are effing too awesomely cute.  oooooh how cute.  I want to meet this boy who wrote these, he’s gotta be great! :)

baby, I’m just bad news

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Today’s work experience was 32432 x better than yesterdays. Thank God. Yesterday = bad. Today = better. I am off tomorrow so hells yeah. I bought those amazing little cadburry eggs. Not those big ones with creamy filling. I got those ones in the bag and they are sugary-shell coated. OH YEAH. Those are my favorite thing ever. I will probably eat the whole bag and gain 3243 pounds, but hell yeah, they are delish.

I’ve been listening to Rilo Kiley a lot yesterday and today and I think everyone should listen to them. If you have never heard them you should tell me so I can hit you in the face. :) It’s amazingness.

I was late to work today. I had alarm clock mishaps. Yes, I did. Damnit.

Speaking of work…I like Mr. Collins a lot. He is hella nice.

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god put a smile on your face

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I blog too much, I have decided this. Oh well. I couldn’t go to sleep last night. last thing I knew it was almost four in the ay em. How retarded. I am really sad about going to work. I hope I don’t have to work with that bitchy new lady manager with the attitude problem. ick. I feel like I need Mexican Villa…damn work crampin’ my style.

I really like my acrylic paint pens.

Someone should volunteer go to a park with me soon.

Its Spring Break bitches.

I have nothing else to say.

I like taco bell too much

•March 15, 2007 • 1 Comment

Today I heard something slightly disturbing–78% of people will have extramarital sex. Thats fucked up. I knew people were ridiculous assholes…but I didn’t know that many people were. Fuck em all. All I know is that I am part of the other 22% and I plan on marrying someone from that 22% but if my husband is part of that 78% I’m probably going to kill him, and that is just that.

((of course those stats came from a fucktard weirdo bitch, but nonetheless))

I hate people. have a nice evening/night =)