army national shut the fuck up

hahaha.  People make me laugh.  Some random person thought I should be thinking about joining the Army National Guard.  If that is not a joke I don’t know what is.  I almost felt bad for saying no and acting like I would never even contemplate doing such a thing.  weird.  on a completely unrelated side note, I do not like it when people smell like dog crap, cat piss, human feces, human piss, or any combination of those.  Obviously vacation is over.

I’m fucking tired.  eight hours of stuff like that has seriously worn me out.  I need another vacation already.  I don’t feel like doing the homework I obviously need to do.  On a completely RELATED side note, I have a B in Spanish.  And it is almost guaranteed to go up.  Oh how wonderful.

~ by rachaeleatworld on March 14, 2007.

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