you better speak up

one of my kind-of-used-to-be-a-long-time-ago friends called me today. I must say, the conversation did not end on a good note. First of all, we never talk and she randomly calls me. At first it appears to be for no reason which I must admit creeped me out to begin with. Then she awkwardly asked me if I was still with “whats-his-face” –those were her words. Interesting. Anyways, I say no. She is all asking for details–which equally creeped me out. Then I realized she brought it up so she could “ease” into her situation. She was like “aren’t you going to ask about me and Josh?” What the fuck? Who says that to someone. So I knew something was up and she was going to tell me. So just for shits and giggles I ask. The conversation that followed is what pissed me off the most. Let’s just keep in mind this is probably the nicest guy this bitch will have ever found, but we will get to that in a minute:

Me: “So what about you and Josh?”
Her: “There is no me and Josh.” *giggles*
Me: “ok…”
Her: “Don’t you want to know what happened?”
Me: “sure”
Her: “I thought I still loved him, but I definately am not attracted to him anymore and I was so bored of him…so I just made up this lie that someone told me he was cheating on me so I could break up with him…funny right?” *laughter*
Me: “Actually, I think you are a crazy bitch, weren’t you together three years?”
Her: ” yeah, Why?”
Me: “Because you have always been a superficial, lying fucker, and I never really understood why someone so awesome was with such a fucktard. I hope you had fun with him because he is probably the last person of any sort that you can get to put up with your pathetic bullshit. You kind of make me sick. But at least youre happy, right?”
her: “fuck you” *click*

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the truth hurts.

~ by rachaeleatworld on March 9, 2007.

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