heart cooks brain

I think something bad might happen soon.  Everything is pissing me off a little more than usual.  por ejemplo… extremely slow drivers, yellow lights, teachers talking, people who blare rap music in the car next to me…just random things that don’t usually bother me that much.  Oh well.

I got my purse this morning after my eight 0 clock class.  I love it.  Let’s not discuss how much money I dropped for it.  That would be discouraging.

The guy at work likes me.  I swear.  At least he won’t be there anymore when I get back from vacation.  I sound like such a bitch, but I’m not I swear.  It just seems like all the wrong people like me.  I mean, this guy is boring, never stops smiling, listens to terrible music, and is probably in his upper twenties.  He doesn’t interest me really.  There was nothing we had in common, other than a job at walgreens.  They say opposites attract–but, please, spare me the bullshit.  You need things to talk about, you need to enjoy some of the same things, you need to be going in the same direction, you need alikeness, damnit!  I just get tired of these crazies who really dont know anything about me–liking me.

which brings me to my next point.  I hate guys who wear their pants to their knees.  I hate it when they dangle below their ass.  fucking idiots.  Pull your pants up.  Everytime I see someone doing that I want to shoot them in the fucking eyeball.

have a nice night!

((I’d also like to add that this blog gets quite a bit of traffic, however no one bothers to leave me a comment.  It’s sad.  Even if it’s to say “what the fuck is your problem…this shit is completely repugnant you narcissistic bitch.”–that would be nice.))

~ by rachaeleatworld on March 8, 2007.

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