you deserve every grin that you get–and you’ll get them a lot from me

I always type a bunch of stuff–and spend like twenty minutes on it–and then erase it all because I decide I don’t like it and don’t want to post it.  Oh well.  On to more interesting things.

Today, obviously, is Sunday.  If you know me in the least bit you would know I HATE working on Sunday.  Why?  Because the customers that come into the WG are especially rude on this day…there is also an overabundance of them, as well.  So, yeah, work wasn’t too fun.  Tomorrow should be worse, simply because it is the last day I have to work before I get eight days off and the mere fact that tomorrow is the last day I get to work with Bailey, my favorite manager.  Corporate pricks are moving him to Kearney and Kansas and I couldn’t possibly be more ticked.  (or could I?)

Speaking of managers–the “temp” I had to work with Friday night almost got the Walgreens Rachael Special.  The Walgreens Rachael Special consists of my fist making contact with whoevers face is bothering her.  Let’s just say he is a little cocky.  I hate cocky.  Trust me, he was nothing special.  He had no superpowers and I don’t really know who he thought he was.  He wanted to make sure everyone “knew” he was smart and talented and amazing and yadayadayada.  I didn’t get it.  I didn’t see it.  Neither did anyone else.  I hope this “temp”-ass doesnt become a “reg”-ass…because then we might have some dead-ass.  hahahaha…apparently I have jokes tonight.

Other things.  I dropped some cold-hard moolah on a laptop tonight.  I needed a new one.  This one is too big for my likeings.  I went to Best Buy to get it and those MFers were out of stock of the one I wanted.  Then they said they wouldnt be able to order it until the tenth and then it would take several days to get it.  HAH.  If my heart is set on something–then I am a now kind of girl.  twenty or so days just isnt going to cut it for me.  So I crossed my fingers and mosied on over to Circuit City, which I didn’t really feel like going to probably because I never really go into Circuit City.  They had more crap and actually had stuff in stock–so screw Best Buy.  Bottom line: they had it–Best Buy didn’t so I gave my cash to Circuit City instead.  So now I have an amazing computer thing.  yeah.  Shut up Rachael.

I have homework to be doing, and as you can tell I don’t want to do it.  I usually dont rattle on about pointless bullcrap like I just did.  Oh, wait, yes I do.  Just not usually this much.  So I shall relieve whatever crazy just read all of this.  Whoever did must like reading about my boring life.  Have a great night, kids.

random side note:  I really want to see Stranger than Fiction.

~ by rachaeleatworld on March 4, 2007.

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