nothing beautiful is ever perfect

I wrote a bunch of shit out but I didn’t really care for it when I was done with it.  I watched The Last Kiss again.  I love it.  So I am posting what I had on my other blog about the movie.  Why?  Because I can, stop asking dumb questions. ok:

The Last Kiss is a splendrous movie.  I’ve never seen a movie that made you feel what each character was feeling.  While I hate Zach Braff and his fucking character in this movie…I can feel his fear of growing up.  I feel the most sad for Jacinda Barrett’s character.  Maybe its because she knows how to act the part so brilliantly.  I mean she makes you feel her pain.  Or maybe its because anyone would feel bad for her and her situation.  And the parents, you sympathize with them.  And that poor married couple who pretty much hate eachother.  The only character I did not feel an ounce sorry for was the whore that Rachel Bilson played.  I dont even like her anymore.  Movies can do that to you I guess–ruin an actor for you.  I mean, shit, it almost ruined Zach Braff for me but I love scrubs too much.  But that girl was such a slut it was almost sad.  “I dont care what happens tomorrow”…then why did you stalk him and show up at his office.  I hate girls like her, there are actually a lot of people like her out there.  She knew he had a girlfriend.  What a whore.  Girls always think that guys who are taken are hotter for some reason.  Bitch. 

Not that I am innocent.  I have liked people who have girlfriends.  But the difference between me and stupid slut-whores is that I would NEVER pursue something in the literal sense with a taken person.  Thats fucked up.  She should have been shot in the forehead.  PLUS what does she know about life or love?  he was almost thirty.  She was in college.  She had no business putting down a relationship that was so far progressed for her slutty think-for-yourself ways.

~ by rachaeleatworld on March 3, 2007.

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