battle of who could care less

So I am going to start this off on a rather sad note:  The creepy guy in my math class died friday night.  I am sad about this–later today I found out he had an unborn child…which is really sad.  The whole situation is sad–first of all it is sad that his dad and her husband was so disgusting as to try to date and hit on people–especially people of such a younger age than he.  And it is sad that her husband died and that the child will never know their father.  It’s sad.  Everyone is sad.  Life is sad.  Sad.

Anyways, other classes are alright.  I don’t mind them so much as some of them are rather pointless.  I guess thats what I’m down to–pointless classes to fulfill the electives so I can get the H out of OTC.  Im glad that this semester that most of classes have semi-interesting people.  (note that I said MOST of them.)  I dont have the same ol’ boring middle-aged people as I normally do. 

Random side-notes: 

-As of monday at four pm I get eight days off in a row.  Yes!  And, no, I did not plan to really do anything I just need a break from the place and the annoying customers I see on a daily basis. 

-I think it is sad that someone has to be so indecisive and not know what the hell they want from life or even know what they want from tomorrow to suddenly think they know and want me to drop everything and try things again.  I am stronger than I used to be.  I can say no.  I know what I want from life and from tomorrow.  I, however, do wish everyone the best.  And above all, maybe someday we shall become friends again.

-I am no longer negative hundreds of dollars in the bank.  Thank God its only like fifteen dollars now.  Note to self: don’t let that ever happen again.

~ by rachaeleatworld on March 1, 2007.

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