I’m just some new kid who can’t get his mind off of you

I have to get up and get ready to go to work.  I am not really feeling the getting up or getting ready part, although I do actually feel like going to work.  It’s a rather strange situation.  On a completely unrelated topic, even though I have five classes this semester, this semester is probably my favorite one so far at OTC.  Seeing as this will be my fourth semester here, that is a rather great accomplishment.  I still cant wait to get out of here and go to MSU though.  Speaking of classes, I dont like how the creep in my math class won’t leave me alone.  I had to lie and state that I had a boyfriend.  He wanted to go eat lunch with me because he won fourty dollars?  hah?!  While we are also talking about completely unrelated things–I am getting a new amazing laptop on monday or the likes.  I was going to go for an ibook but then I opted for a smaller toshiba.  I likes it a lot.  its only 12.1 inches.  Amazing.  Ok well I guess I will stop stalling and get my arse in the shower.  it is 12:15 after all. 

~ by rachaeleatworld on February 23, 2007.

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