I never knew you

“deep down even the most hardened criminal is starving for the same thing that motivates the innocent baby: love and acceptance.”
-Lily Fairchilde 

to myself at age 13:

Dear Rachael,

I know you think that it is necesary to make people like you, and they do, however it is not necesary to use people in order for this to happen.  Don’t be mean to your friends.  Don’t be mean to people who seem beneath you, either.  It doesn’t seem like such a big deal but in a few years you will feel bad for all the small, weaker people you walked on and over to get where you are.  The sad thing is that these people are not small or weaker than you and you will sooner than later realize that doing this to them didn’t really get you anywhere super special.  You will walk past them in the halls once you get to highschool and feel ashamed and embarassed at how you used to treat them.  Yes, you were only in middle school and won’t think that it will matter much–truth is, that it will matter.  truth is that it mattered a lot to them.  They still seem below you.  Deep down you will still think or know that you are better off than them or that you are having a better life than them and you will try to justify all of your past actions.  However, deep down you also know that you are not justified and that they didn’t deserve any of the grief you ever gave them.  You will walk past them in the halls in highschool and they will give you dirty looks.  You will be surrounded by friends and you all will chuckle and you will tell them about how back in the day you made so-and-so feel like a piece of crap.  This will only make you feel like a piece of crap inside.  So just dont do it.  Make people like you because you are awesome and not because you know how to make people feel small.

–Future Rachael

~ by rachaeleatworld on February 21, 2007.

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