fools are indecisive

People are dissapointing.  I retract that.  I expect everything that happens from people, therefore it can’t be that dissapointing.  Sometimes I just like to give people more credit that I usually would.  I shall stop.  I shall not believe everything just because it sounds so great.  I also don’t like when people use other people (especially me) as an excuse for their indecision and confusion about their life.  I know what I want and how to get it.  I don’t have regrets and I dont dwell on things for too long.  It is not wrong to change, in a good way.  I feel like my standards are changing.  I look for different things in people now, and I cannot settle for anything less than that.  That would be disrespecting myself.  I know I am not the absolute best person out there, I am not even sure there is one, but I know that I am a great person and the people who know me know that.  I still like people but I love a select few…and those select few know that I am worth a whole hell of a lot of something.  Best lesson to learn: listen to your ‘gut’ and don’t think twice about what it’s saying.

Today was a good day.  I like hearts.  Have a nice night.

~ by rachaeleatworld on February 14, 2007.

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