but where will you be when the lights go out?

Part of the definition of flirt

“…In other situations, it may be done simply for immediate entertainment, with no intention of developing any further relationship. This type of flirting sometimes faces disapproval from others, either because it can be misinterpreted as more serious, or it may be viewed as “cheating” if the person is already in a romantic relationship with someone else.”

yes–I do this.  I am a chronic flirter.  Especially at work, it seems…even as far back as Price Cutter.  I dont feel like it is completely wrong.  Of course, I am sure there are people who are involved with these people I flirt with who may beg to differ.  Should I consider this?  Should I have my innocent fun?  Am I reading too into this?  Maybe it isnt even flirting.  Maybe it’s just how I am.  Maybe its just how friends act.  I dont know.  All I know is I enjoy it, I am not forcing anything, and I am not doing anything wrong.  Or maybe its nothing.  Thats right, its nothing.

And while we are on the subject, I am very sad that one of my managers is quitting.  I used to not like him at all but in the past couple of months he’s been the funnest manager to work with.  I am dissapointed.  Surprisingly, this is probably the worst manager we could have lost simply because of how much fun it was on his shift.  I mean, fuck…how gay.  Oh well.  Maybe another fun one will come.  Maybe.

~ by rachaeleatworld on February 3, 2007.

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